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How Living Nutz Sprouted into Business: Part 1


In the year 2000, my brother Dave and I went to see a lecture about the raw food diet with a guy named David Wolfe.  We were both into organic health foods and we were always looking for ways to better optimize our health. We had heard about this talk through friends who said that they were absolutely blown away by what this guy had to say. Naturally, we were interested in hearing more, so we registered for the event and looked forward to attending.

The lecture was held at a raw food restaurant called “The Organic Garden” located in Beverly Massachusetts. We were just as excited about eating at this restaurant as we were about hearing the presentation! Once we arrived after a two and a half hour drive from the mid-coast area of Maine, we were delighted to see a warm and cozy little café run by a unique crowd of people who instantly befriended us and are still friends of ours to this day! In fact we enjoyed this place so much that we would often make weekend trips just to eat here. It was this same restaurant that introduced us to many of the raw “celebrities” that are known in the world today. People like Chad Sarno, Alyssa Cohen, Juliano and many more. The owner of the place, Robert Reid, really liked us a lot and frequently gave us many free dishes of food because he enjoyed our presence so much!

Back to the David Wolfe lecture! After our long drive and introductions to the restaurant staff, we were served some food. It was absolutely scrumptious!  Our taste buds were delighted in ways that were indescribable. Dave and I had no idea that so much variety could come out of preparing raw foods. The introduction to a restaurant filled with an abundant variety of raw food drinks, snacks, pizzas, entrees and deserts was an incredibly inspirational experience in itself.

After we ate the food, David began his presentation about the benefits of eating a raw vegan diet. We had no idea what we were in for. His talk was so motivational and inspiring that it literally changed our lives! He really delivered a unique perspective on food and a philosophy of life that resonated deeply with where we were at during this phase of our lives. Our minds were open and we both found ourselves considering possibilities on how to improve the world, just from the ideas that we got listening to David speak. It was truly an enlightening experience for us!

Look for Part 2 of “How Living Nutz Sprouted into Business” coming up soon!


David Wolfe pictured here with another good friend and inspiration of ours, “The Health Ranger” Mike Adams.

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