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Living Nutz comes from a state that takes action to preserve its Food Freedom Choices.

Living Nutz comes from a state that takes action to preserve its Food Freedom Choices.

Living Nutz, Living Organic Foods is proud to come from the state of Maine, where Organic foods are an integral part of people’s lives. We have countless organic farms and weekend farmers markets are in all of our semi-populated towns. Many farmers have stands where you can purchase organic food directly from them. Maine also has really strong community supported agriculture (CSA) programs supported by over 160 farms and 6500 members. We have big country fairs that require all of their foods to be certified organic. We also have MOFGA the oldest and largest state organic organization in the country.

All of these aspects put Maine’s organic food priorities at the top of the nation. In light of that fact it is no surprise that Maine is the first state in the nation to have three of its towns successfully declare food sovereignty laws. In essence these laws reinforce its citizens’ natural-given rights to “produce, process, purchase, sell and consume local foods of their choice.” This includes all foods whether they are state or federally restricted.

The passing of these food freedom laws are a testament to the high integrity natural food standards that Mainers proudly uphold. In reality, the example that we have displayed in this state by being pro-active enough to adopt such laws should be followed in suit by any members of this country who care about their health and diminishing food freedom rights. In Maine we have proven that small communities of pro-active people can make a huge difference in defending our natural given rights to maintain sovereign decisions on how we produce and eat healthy food. This is a giant leap for anyone who cares about health food and we hope more towns across the nation strive for to create similar realities for themselves.

Living Nutz was born out of a progressive community of agriculture minded people who fully realize the importance of self-responsibility in regards to what our future of healthy foods looks like. This is a big part of the reason why we were amongst the first to be inspired to take action to educate the public and work at reversing the mandate that declared all almonds grown on US soils to be pasteurized. The more individuals take measures to protect their rights as communities against government and corporate intrusion, the closer we evolve towards a healthy sustainable planet. As we have witnessed in our state, progress can happen quickly if enough dedication and care is present. By supporting Living Nutz, you are supporting a product of the utmost integrity, produced in a state where healthy food and the freedom to choose those foods is also of the utmost importance.

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