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Part 3: How Living Nutz Sprouted into Business


With our exuberant enthusiasm about our new raw food lifestyle and our eco-conscious business skills that we learned from creating and running the Intellihemp business, we were ready to start a new company that sold some type of Raw Food staples or snacks.

What we first did was brainstorm about what type of product would be of most value to the people using them. We considered raw fruit roll-ups and other snack related items but at the end of the day we concluded that people would get the most benefit out of a really healthy breakfast cereal because it was something that they had the potential to use everyday. When we looked at what most people were eating for cereal at breakfast, we quickly established that there was a great need for the super healthy alternative that we would offer.

In the kitchen of a house on a giant lake that Dave, a friend named Johnny and I rented, we began experimenting. By soaking and sprouting a variety of nuts, seeds, grains and mixing in sun dried fruits and then dehydrating them, we patiently awaited to try the results of the new food ideas that we had created.

Once they were done, we got to eat them and we were excited because they were delicious! We then had friends and families try some and they all agreed. With this exciting news we honed in our product line and production skills, we sourced out inexpensive packaging and labels, set up a business structure and started selling our the products of our first new raw food company! We called it Living Granola.

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