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Production Day at Living Nutz

Production Day at Living Nutz


Ahh, the smell of a thousand spices permeating through the air.

Well, not that many but it  sure is a conglomerate of very pleasing odors.

Each Wednesday at the “Nut House” is our day to chop, blend and mix.

Every week there are different flavors made to keep our inventory of Nutz balanced. When they go in to our dehydrators they start to release their moisture, that’s when the strengh of their ingredients really release into the air. with all the Live-Food ingredients that we use in all the 16 varieties on any given Wednesday it can be overwhelming to the sensitive nose.

It’s like living above an Italian, Thai and Indian restaurant with a French bakery next door. Sometime’s it can be so intense, that if I go for a walk during my lunch, I can smell it several hundred feet away if the wind carries it just right. The first 24 hrs is when it is the most concentrated.

The UPS guy say’s over and over “Smells Good”.. I usually give him a bag for the road when he say’s that..  The Neighbors are always smiling when it’s production day.

I really appreciate that I get to steer the wheel of this company. It really is a work of passion here.


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