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Change of seasons


What a beautiful day today. It has been a while since we woke up with the sun here in the Northeast.   The sun is now setting past eight.  Here in Maine, the seasons are so drastic that you have to work with nature on so many levels. The temperature and humidity affect so many variables in terms of when and how you monitor and apply your normal process. Dehydrating, which I talk about quite a lot is very sensitive to the moisture in the air which in turn affects the dehydration process.  In the winter when it is very dry here you can skip a whole day of the drying process. This time of year you have to go the full length. Storage is also effected by the moisture in the air. We have a climate controlled cold room which luckily does not change that much from season to season.. When it is heading into the summer months we have to be more aware and observant during the whole process.. We have been running Living Nutz for over 8 years now,  so we have become accustomed to the season changes and what practices have to be tweaked so you can end up with the same product consistently..    We also have an abundance of flavors and ingredients which are also manipulated by the temp and humidity.  Of course the seasons also mean some fruits and veggies are not available sometimes but we live in such a global logistical world, so you can pretty much get what ever you want any time of year.  Jet fresh.. Enjoy the sun. Hopefully the sun is shinning wherever you are..


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