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How Ideas Evolve

How Ideas Evolve


When Living Nutz was created we had a few ideas about what we wanted to make. The first idea was that it would be absolutely delicious and that people will really be turned on to this way of eating.

I wanted to make the most delicious and nutritious snack that everyone will just love and want to come back for more. Most people can agree on great tasting food, so I knew if it was mouth-watering then people would talk.

With the versatility of nuts and thousands upon thousands of ingredients that exist, it was (and still is) exciting to think of all the flavors that you can come up with when using nuts. We started with almonds and (with some culinary classes) I knew a few ingredients that would go well together. I had always loved the flavor of teriyaki and I applied this to some almonds and it was a hit.

Another ingredient that really appealed to me is cumin. It is used as a base in many ethnic recipes and I knew it would go well with almonds (Zesty Almond Bliss) and pistachio (Mayan Chili Pistachio).You can really get creative in the kitchen when nothing holds you back.

Some of the flavors were experiments with different ingredients that I never used before which really got my creative juices flowing. Some of the sweet flavors like Celestial Cina-Pecan and Banana Bread Walnuts were inspired from time honored traditions.

Making it Raw and using nuts as the base would sometimes pose a little challenge, especially when one is trying to bring out a familiar flavor.

When an idea comes to mind I would also have to take into consideration how the process of dehydration would also effect the overall flavor. It is definitely a process that has to be fine tuned.

When you present your creation to someone and they express pure enjoyment then it is such a wondeful feeling.       -Davy

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