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Great Story received from one of our customers today-

Seeing is believing!

Hello LivingNutz folks,

I just placed an order which reminded me that I wanted to share these photos with you…
A couple of days ago I was sifting compost and saw a funny little plant I didn’t recognize in the compost.  I looked closely and saw it was an almond that had sprouted and grown up a bunch of leaves!
I remembered that once last winter when I had soaked some raw almonds (from LivingNutz), I accidentally left them too long in the water and they got stinky, so I put them in the compost.  It must have been warm enough in the middle of the big compost pile this spring for it to sprout and grow a bit.
I LOVED seeing this is beautiful proof of how these almonds are very truly raw, full of all their life force energy!
I’ve planted this wee tree in a pot and have it growing in a sunny window inside my house, and once it gets settled I’ll put it outside for the summer.  I’m looking forward to watching it grow and seeing what happens, as I have never grown an almond tree.  This was one of the most exciting finds I’ve ever had in my compost pile!  (I’m an organic gardener by trade and have sifted yards upon yards of compost through the years).  It made me so happy.
Thanks so much for sourcing these delicious raw almonds, and for the work you do bringing awareness to the almond pasteurization issue.  I love all the LivingNutz I’ve had the delight to try, and also enjoy getting the plain raw nuts to use in making all sorts of raw dishes.
With Gratitude & Green Blessings for spring into summer!
Linsay (an organic gardener in NY www.kitchawanfarm.com/backtothegarden)
Linsay Cochran
Kitchawan Farm
We are stardust
We are golden
And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the garden
~Joni Mitchell
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