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Easy Pleazy Corn Soup ~ with Italian Herb Almonds

Easy Pleazy Corn Soup ~ with Italian Herb Almonds

Easy Pleazy Corn Soup



½ dozen ears of fresh organic corn

2 medium tomatoes cut into chunks

4-6 Baby Bella mushrooms, sliced

½ package Living Nuts Old World Italian Herb Almonds

1 tablespoon freshly cut lemongrass (1 teaspoon if using dried) – this is optional

Handful of sunflower sprouts


Husk the corn and carefully (watch your fingers, please) slice the corn from the cob. Put corn through a juicer. If you’ve chosen to use lemongrass, add it in now. Alternatively, use a high speed blender and strain the resultant mixture.

Pour the liquid into a serving bowl.

Add the tomatoes and mushrooms. Scatter the Living Nutz Old World Italian Herb Almonds into the bowl and let sit for 10 minutes so the nuts can soften and the flavors can blend with each other.

Strew in the sunflower sprouts and you are ready to serve.

*Some like it hot. If you are one of them, add a pinch of dried cayenne powder or hot paprika.

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