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Living Nutz Far East Sweet Detox Almond Curry

Living Nutz Far East Sweet Detox Almond Curry

Yield: 2 servings



1 large turnip, per diner (or your choice of item to make into noodles)

1 ripe bell pepper


1 cup ripe, whole pineapple, cut into chunks

½ package Living Nutz Far East Curry Almonds

1 cup coconut milk (or fresh gel of young coconut)

1 pitted date, soaked until soft in just enough water to cover

1 teaspoon Bentonite clay, food grade powder


Pour the coconut milk into a small glass jar. Add Living Nuts Far East Curry Almonds and set aside so the nuts can soften in the liquid.

Set the date into a small jar with just enough water to cover so it can soften. I use Medjool dates. If you have smaller sized dates, use the equivalent of a tablespoon of dates.

Make noodles out of the vegetable (or fruit) you have chosen. I like angel hair so I used a Shang Tian but a spiralizer or spirooli or a hand juli peeler will do just fine. These items may be purchased for anywhere from $8 to $600 and I will lead you to one in your price range if you need a hand to find your tool of choice

Using a sharp knife, slice the bell pepper into thin matchsticks. Place all your noodles and sticks into a serving bowl and set aside.

Using either a high speed blender or food processor with an S blade in place mix all of the curry ingredients until you have a thick smooth sauce. If you need to thin or for ease of blending, use the date soak water, a bit at a time.

Pour about one third of the sauce over the noodles. Decorate with a few micro greens. Place the remainder into a gravy bowl with a ladle. Add a small bowl of micro greens and you are ready to put food out on the table.

Another delicious Living Nutz meal presented with a side bonus of detoxification.

Notes: The Bentonite clay attracts, binds and removes pathogens and toxins. Because it is consumed in a sauce with a juicy fruit, there is no need to be concerned about drinking more liquid.

Because pineapple has a mild laxative effect, there is no need to add psyllium for this detoxification to work.

Because you are consuming whole ripe pineapple with all its fiber, the quality of your stool ought not to be affected although the content may include contaminants which you do not wish to carry and are better off without.

Because you are using this detoxification as a meal, there is no reason to skip eating in order to benefit from intestinal cleansing.

Caveat: Although the Bentonite clay is NOT absorbed by the body, if you are allergic to aluminum, leave the ingredient out and replace with the same amount of tapioca starch.

Kathy Krivit, a talented new authoress and the creator of a great new series of books entitled: Raw Deal: A Journey Through Raw & Living Food.


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