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Nutz in the Summer time

Nutz in the Summer time

Hello All,

It is now summer and if you are not at work then it is wise to head for the hills(for a hike) or something outside that allows you to enjoy the warm and hopefully beautiful weather. There are many activities that you can enjoy.

I eat Living Nutz more when I’m away from the company. If I’m heading on a trip or staying local while enjoying the great outdoors I usually grab a few bags and enjoy them where ever I end up.

This weekend I’m heading down to see Dave Matthews Caravan Tour down in Atlantic City and there will be lots of great music to see. It is always an opportunity to bring my products with me  to give away while doing a little self promoting.  People are always open to eating great food and when I tell them I created it, then they are always excited and asking questions.

The summer time can be hot and humid and depending on where you live, it can be that way all summer long. Usually it can slow down business wise for us during the summer months. I know for me when it gets hot and humid my appetite can head south and for most people I talk to they say the same.

If you are active outside then you can get that hunger back by exercising. Maine is a wonderful place to enjoy nature to the fullest with countless ways to enjoy it.  If you are heading out then have a great time and don’t forget to bring some NUTZ with you.

For me,  It is the perfect and healthiest way to enjoy nature while being nourished.


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