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Living Nutz in Maine ~ Where are you Living Nutz?

Living Nutz in Maine ~ Where are you Living Nutz?

We are excited about our new website and the ease of ordering for our customers. It has been a long time coming and finally everything came together. It has a new layout and easy to use features. It is easy to find our blog under the new categories as well.  Please check it out.

      It is now August and that can be a little bittersweet as it means the summer is starting to trickle away, but it is important to live in the moment and enjoy what is left. August in Maine is a wonderful time of year. We are getting closer to harvest time and Maine Blueberries are starting to really show themselves. The farm stands are abundant with produce and the weather is still warm for a little while. I personally love this time of year and try to enjoy every day. As the weather starts to cool off in the coming weeks it will ripen the other fruits that are available in the fall. We are starting to gear up for the busy fall season and have a good supply of inventory.

Just like animals who prepare for cooler months ahead, we must also prepare our supply for our customers who want our products. In the warm summer months it is nice to eat fresh fruit and veggies and keep it light. Warm and humid conditions can reduce your appetite. When it starts to cool down that’s when our body tells us to get ready for the cooler months and start eating more food. I love that.  Always remember to eat well and incorporate the bounty &  nuts into your diet.

Check back in a week or two for our fresh dehydrated blueberries

~ Dave

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