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Living Nutz Naked Carrot Soup

Living Nutz Naked Carrot Soup

                         Living Nutz Naked Carrot Soup

Yield: 2 servings



2 pounds carrot, washed, & sliced into one inch sections

6 apricots, washed and pitted       

3 oranges, juice & pulp

1 lemon or lime, juice & pulp


1 big pinch of dehydrated seaweed, reconstituted

1 teaspoon fresh marjoram leaves

½ package Living Nutz Organic Naked Germinated & Dehydrated Walnuts

1 to 2 teaspoons dried sweet onion powder


Place the dried seaweed into a small ramekin or bowl and cover with water.

Set aside.

Blend all soup ingredients in a food processor with the S blade in place.

Run mash through a masticating juicer.

Pour the juice into bowls and set the mash aside for later use in a pate or bread.

The seaweed ought to be fully reconstituted by now. Remove from water and scatter, like tinsel on a Christmas tree, throughout each bowl.

Put the sweet onion powder onto a small plate. Roll the Living Nutz Naked Organic Germinated & Dehydrated Walnuts thru the onion powder so that the powder sticks to each nut. Distribute coated nuts evenly into each bowl.

Sprinkle marjoram leaves over each bowl.

Serve & enjoy.

For some chunk and body in this soup, add cucumber slices or sliced kiwi or avocado chunks. Shown in the picture are golden kiwi slices. Every palate has its own taste druthers. You really ought to determine your own taste preferences. It is a very small exercise in personal freedom.

Best healthy wishes,   Kathy Krivit,   Author,    geekling@yahoo.com

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