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Parsnip or Cauliflower, Sesame White Rice.

Parsnip or Cauliflower, Sesame White Rice

Makes 7 cups

6 c cauliflower florets or peeled parsnip

1.5 c pine nuts

3 T flax oil

1 T toasted sesame oil

1T sea salt

1t Black pepper

3 T green onion or chives minced

2 T black sesame seeds

In food processor, pulse all ingredients until finely minced (white rice consistency)

Use this as a base and add multiple variations. Serve with sushi maki or as a side for salads.


Chad has now joined Whole Foods Market to create, coordinate and launch of a company-wide Healthy Eating Initiative called Health Starts Here in early 2009, currently supporting the roll out as global program coordinator, R&D chef, employee immersion programs coordinator, and culinary educator.

Prior to joining Whole Foods Market; Chad has been bringing his approach to healthy cuisine to some of the world’s premier plant based restaurants, resorts, film sets, and healing centers globally for well over a decade.

In addition, Chad is Director and Founder of Vital Creations, (rawchef.com) specializing in restaurant and spa consultation, culinary education, retail R&D, and working with chefs and restaurateurs alike to increase their health supportive/promoting menu offerings.

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Chad Sarno



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  1. No Whole Foods does not support Prop 37 in CA for labeling of nonGMOs. As I recall from an article I read, Whole Foods actually funds to oppose Prop 37. Scary! They DO carry GMO products in their stores & some of their staff are blindly unaware unfortunately. Do the research. I’m really disappointed.

  2. Whole Foods does not support non GMO ??

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