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Fall into NUTZ

Hello Everyone,


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. I wanted to say hello to everyone that reads this. I hope everybody is enjoying their fall season so far. There is a lot of exciting happenings around the country, some wonderful, some not so much. I wanted to say hello to all the Occupy Wall street Peeps and thank them for their solidarity and strength for the fight against greed.

Here at the “Nut House” we are just remaining strong and working hard to get our name out  there with all that we have to offer. We have been conjuring up ideas lately and there will be some exciting new offerings that are in store for later this fall.  We will keep you posted!! Let’s just say it has something to do with nuts! A great friend of mine, Andrew has been helping with many aspects of the company. He has so many great ideas and is extremely enthusiastic about all that we do here. We are entering our 9th season and it has been nice to hear some fresh perspective on the direction of Living Nutz.  Thank you Andrew!!!

This has been a season of plenty when it comes to the food harvest. I’ve enjoyed some many delicious fruits and veggies this summer/fall.  It seems like more and more people are growing their own. A great way to live with the land and attract peace.. Creating our own food supply is a must and If you want out of an unjust economic system, don’t buy food. Grow it!




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