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There is a dearth of current info out there regarding raising children as vegetarians. One of the issues is defining what kind of vegetarian diet you or your child adheres to. Here are some examples:

~Lacto-ovo-vegetarians consume eggs, dairy products, and plant foods.

~Lacto-vegetarians eat dairy products and plant foods but not eggs.

~Vegans eat only plant foods, no eggs or dairy products.

Though children can be well nourished on all three types of vegetarian diet, some say nu­tritional balance is very difficult to achieve if dairy products and eggs are com­pletely eliminated. These concerns centers around certain minerals, vitamins and other dietary nutrients. Children are not small adults and their nutritional needs differ than adults. Following simple guidelines can assist the parent and child in acquiring the needed nutrients while being a vegetarian.

A recent, thoughtful and well researched article delves into this matter more:




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