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10 (and more) Reasons to go Organic

raw almond, organic almond, organic nuts, organic plantingListing 10 reasons to go organic is not very hard to do. Environmental toxins are all around us and many times we are unable to escape or have control over them. Choosing organic products to consume, wear, or use is one avenue that will have a positive impact on your body and the environment.

Organic org. recently came out with a list about why consuming organic food is important:

  1. Reduce The Toxic Load: Keep Chemicals Out of the Air, Water, Soil and our Bodies
  2. Reduce if Not Eliminate Off Farm Pollution
  3. Protect Future Generations
  4. Build Healthy Soil
  5. Taste Better and Truer Flavor
  6. Assist Family Farmers of all Sizes
  7. Avoid Hasty and Poor Science in Your Food
  8. Eating with a Sense of Place
  9. Promote Biodiversity
  10. Celebrate the Culture of Agriculture

For more info and explanation of the list go to:


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