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Are nuts – too good a thing?

Are nuts - too good a thing?

As with everything – everything in moderation

 The FDA recommendation suggests up to 1.5 ounces of nuts daily or one and a half times a “handful.”

Here is an estimate of how many nuts in an ounce and a half.

 Almonds 20-24       Brazil Nuts 6-8       Cashews 16-18     Hazelnuts 18-20    Macadamias 10-12

Pecans 17-20 halves    Pine Nuts  150-157    Pistachios 45-47      Walnuts 14 halves

One-third cup of nuts is the quantity mentioned in the Food Guide Pyramid and the Dash Diet

So, how is one get their healthy servings of nuts? Easy- eat them as snacks right from the bag or:

Sprinkle nuts into these foods:

  • Salads (a sweet or savory flavor- depending on the salad)
  • Yogurt
  • Cereal (banana bread walnutz, or apple krisp karma-yum)
  • Pasta ( garlic pistachios are great in pasta- and colorful)
  • Cooked vegetables (curry almonds get my vote)
  • Muffins and pancakes (toss a handful or two into your batter-raw or flavored)
  • Tell us your ideas!

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