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Almonds go on a diet~with calorie loss!

Almonds go on a diet~with calorie loss!

New research suggests that almonds have about 20% fewer calories than once thought. This study showed that a 1 ounce serving of almonds has 129 calories, not 160 calories as currently listed.

A study conducted by scientists from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and released in the August issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) provides a new understanding of almonds’ calorie count.

So, how can a food’s calorie count suddenly change when the composition of the food itself hasn’t?

A new method of measuring the calories in almonds, which built on traditional methods and allowed the researchers to determine the number of calories from almonds that are actually absorbed during digestion.

So that seems to be the key~the number of calories that are actually absorbed! Interesting!!

Hopefully, we will learn more about other foods with respect to calorie digestion too!

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