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Latest on the Almond Pasteurization Law

Latest on the Almond Pasteurization Law

Most people (not all) know that since 2007 all US almonds are pasteurized!

Now, the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH)” has submitted an Amicus Curiae brief in support of the plantiffs  (an amicus curiae, Latin for “friend of the court,” is an outsider who provides information to assist the court in making its decision). Their brief will allow ANH-USA to raise issues that may not be brought up by the plaintiffs during regular trial proceedings. It will also let them take a stand against the USDA and call attention to the public policy and public health implications of the almond rule”

While there are four main methods of pasteurizing  U.S. almonds, steam processing, high heat treatment (roasting), blanching and highly toxic fumigation treatment with propylene oxide (PPO), two of them are the primary methods that are used most often.. These two are steam processing and PPO fumigation.

Here is a hazard summary as reported by the EPA:

“Propylene oxide is used in the production of polyethers (the primary component of polyurethane foams) and propylene glycol. Acute (short-term) exposure of humans and animals to propylene oxide has caused eye and respiratory tract irritation. Dermal contact, even with dilute solutions, has caused skin irritation and necrosis in humans. Propylene oxide is also a mild central nervous system (CNS) depressant in humans. Inflammatory lesions of the nasal cavity, trachea, and lungs and neurological effects have been observed in animals chronically (long-term) exposed to propylene oxide by inhalation. Propylene oxide has been observed to cause tumors at or near the site of administration in rodents, causing fore stomach tumors following ingestion via gavage (experimentally placing the chemical in the stomach) and nasal tumors after inhalation exposure. EPA has classified propylene oxide as a Group B2, probable human carcinogen.”

In addition, steaming and/or roasting almonds may effect the fragile omega 3 and make the nuts become rancid quicker and produce free radicals.

At Living Nutz- we support organic small farms through-out the U.S., however, since the pasteurization law in 2007 we have taken the lead in using Heirloom Italian almonds, as they do not pasteurize almonds in Italy! Salute!!



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