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Pistachi-uh-oh! Or ~ why you should buy organic nuts!

Pistachi-uh-oh! Or ~ why you should buy organic nuts!

Nuts are an excellent source of nutrition for everyone and is an important part of a raw food and vegetarian diet!

As most of our customers, raw food and organic community know ~ we  at Living Nutz are strong advocates for organic farming & foods. With that said, many of us know which fruits & veggies we should buy organic and which ones are ok to buy with conventional methods.

The same could be said with nuts and seeds. Because nuts are a healthy part of ones diet,  with simple planning and education~finding the healthiest nuts can really complement your diet.

Not only are U.S. Almonds pasteurized, other nuts with high oil content can really absorb pesticides!

For a list of nuts & seeds that you should buy organic go to:



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