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Nuts: Little nuggets of health

Nuts: Little nuggets of health

Like a lot of foods, nuts can be used in so many ways. They are an ingredient in so many dishes. They mix so well with veggies and can add a distinct flavor to whatever it is that you are creating.

With all the different style’s of food and preparations that span our globe nuts have always been an integral part of our ancestral diet.

We have seen almonds in particular, and other nuts as well, being used and added to compliment side dishes, not to mention all the breakfast cereals and countless granola snacks that are out there.

Nuts can be mixed and used in savory and sweet dishes. To add walnuts to a sweet treat like brownies or on top of your salad, which I add to mine,  it’s your choice.

We have even seen different nuts used as a base to replicate mock meat dishes. They are flavorful with the right herbs and spices because of their slight neutral quality. That is one of the reasons they lend themselves to be added to a full spectrum of tastes.

A large percentage of customers that buy from us use them to make smoothies and nut milks. There are so many people who are sensitive to dairy products nowadays that nuts have become a staple in their lives and diets.

Whether you are on the Raw/Living foods path or just love nuts in any form you can create so much with your favorite variety.

With all the different kinds of nuts that exist in the world and others that may have not even been discovered it is endless with what you can create using these little nuggets of health.


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