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Organic Nuts Chocolate Raspberry Repeat

Organic Nuts Chocolate Raspberry Repeat


Living Nutz Chocolate Raspberry Repeat

Another Kathy Kreaction for Living Nutz


1 six ounce pack or more of fresh raspberries

½ pack or more Living Nutz Chocolate Walnut Divine

¼ fresh mature coconut, slivered

6 oz chocolate coconut crème or almond milk (can be purchased already prepared)

1 dried and crumbled Stevia leaf (or your favorite sweetener)


Wash raspberries and place into bowl. Strew coconut slivers into the bowl.

Add Living Nutz Chocolate Walnut Divine.

Pour in chocolate coconut crème or almond milk.

Top with dried and crumbled Stevia or your favorite sweetener.

May be all added to oatmeal if you like.

This is so delicious and so refreshing you can, amazingly, skip your morning coffee if you like.

You will hardly be able to wait until tomorrow to repeat this Living Nutz fabulous meal. It will really get your motor running.

If you have interest in making your own chocolate coconut crème or chocolate almond milk, ask Kathy how.




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