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Raw Nut News: Do you belong to a food tribe?

Raw Nut News: Do you belong to a food tribe?


Do you classify yourself as a particular kind of foodie?

Lacto-vegetarian– A vegetarian who does not eat eggs, but does eat dairy products.

Ovo-vegetarian – Refers to people who do not eat meat or dairy products but do eat eggs.

Pescetarian -A diet that includes fish and excludes other animals. Diet typically includes all of vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, beans, eggs and dairy.

Vegetarian– the practice of following plant-based diets (fruits, vegetables, etc.), with or without the inclusion of dairy products or eggs, and with the exclusion of meat (red meat, poultry & fish)

Vegan -Is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, dairy products, eggs and all other animal-derived ingredients.

Flexitarian – A diet or a person who eats a mostly vegetarian diet, occasionally including meat.

Fruitarian Same as vegan, but only eats foods that don’t kill the plant (for example, apples can be picked without killing the plant whereas, carrots cannot). Fruitarians consume fruits and sometimes seeds, nuts and vegetables, like tomatoes.

Raw Vegan /Raw Food DietThis is a type of vegetarianism. It promotes the consumption of organic, unprocessed, and uncooked food

Omnivore – A person who consumes both animal and plant-based foods in varying ratios.

Nutarian-A vegetarian whose diet is based on nut products (for example, Livingnutz : >)

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