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Raw Nut News: Adding spice to our products is what we live by!

Raw Nut News: Adding spice to our products is what we live by!

There are many, many ingredients that are being used here, especially on production day. We have so many different flavored nuts that require an extensive list  of ingredients to keep on hand at all times.

Most are from the USA but some are from other countries. There are sometimes issues sourcing them because they come from so many different countries and the sourcing companies that we work with do not always have a large supply.

Most herbs, spices and liquids are always available but when it comes to produce, you have to accept what nature provides for different seasons. With global logistics and opposing seasons in our two hemispheres it makes getting produce and products a lot easier. We always source out the best of what we use to create our products.

If we can’t find a particular ingredient for a product then we won’t make it until it becomes available. When using Certified Organic ingredients, which is almost 100% of what we use, it raises the bar for price and availability.

It can make our heads spin when we have a hard time sourcing a particular ingredient. Unlike some restaurants that use only a few suppliers to handle all their ingredient needs, we use more than ten sources to make our finished product.

In the end it is exciting to get every ingredient together and create a treat that everyone will love.

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