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Raw Nut News : The Art of Dehydration

Raw Nut News : The Art of Dehydration

It has been a long tradition for many cultures and individuals to preserve food by Dehydration.  It has been done for centuries as a way for survival and to have edible food for long-term  storage.

Many people agree this is the safest method to preserve food. Dehydrating food removes the moisture, so mold, yeast, and bacteria cannot grow, which would otherwise render your food dangerous to consume.

There are many different way to dehydrate food.  Long ago before the invention of man-made electricity people would use the sun to dry foods, which works well if done right.

Raisins always come to mind as they were grapes at one point.

The best way to dehydrate is to buy a simple home dehydrator unit. Only 3%-5% of the nutritional value is lost during the drying process compared to the canning method which may lose up to 60%-80% of nutritional value.

Most of the vitamins and minerals are not lost during the dehydration process so it is optimal to have nutrient dense food for long-term storage.

So, if  we talk about nuts being dehydrated after a good soak in some clean and pure water then you can have both the benefits of the nutrients they provide and can be stored long term. Almonds are the perfect nut for that as they keep longer than most nuts. Nuts can be stored for up to 5 years if vacuumed sealed tightly

You can also dehydrate fruits and vegetables. When you dehydrate fruit you have another nutrient dense product for future consumption. Both fruits and veggies can be stored for up to a year if placed in a freezer strengh zip lock bag.  It is always good to store all foods away from light and heat sorces.

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