Raw & Organic: Handcrafted, Gently Dried.

Raw/Organic & Nuts: First ever whole blueberry tea & barque is here!

Raw/Organic & Nuts: First ever whole blueberry tea & barque is here!

Maine is full of independent, entrepreneurial people and we are lucky to have crossed paths with the folks from Highland Farms. As blueberry producers, they managed to develop some remarkable products which we now sell on our site.


Their blueberry barque (pronounced bark) is a delicious, sweet and crispy snack, and your taste buds and body will thank you! Essentially, they use the sweet blueberry fruit and dehydrate it into a yummy blueberry chip. A little about the barque:


Organic Blueberry Barque is made of 100% organic wild Maine blueberries, harvested  when the fruit is the sweetest and dried to a crunchy, sweet blueberry treat.  It is a taste of wild Maine blueberries in every bite.

Use it on yogurt, ice cream or mix into your favorite granola.  Add it to summer salads or try adding it to your favorite meat marinade. Can be added to breakfast cereals, pancakes, or sweet breads. 


  • Ingredients: 100% Organic wild Maine blueberries. 

  • To store, keep this dried fruit product air tight and dry. 

  • NO sweeteners, oils or sulphites added to this product.


Their other product is Blueberry Tea. Simply, deliciously, blueberry tea. Make it hot or ice it! You won’t find another tea like this on the market as the only ingredient is organic wild blueberries and blueberry leaves! About the tea:

From hand harvesting the blueberries in the summer to the gathering of blueberry leaves in the fall, we have taken great care in the preservation of the rich goodness of both for this first ever whole plant blueberry tea. For an added benefit, our Whole Plant Blueberry Tea is already naturally caffeine free and almost double the antioxidants than in fresh blueberries alone!


So, how healthy are blueberries? Yes, they are a superfood! We”ll just name a few benefits here, but click on the link on the bottom for the science behind the blueberry.

Benefits of Blueberries

*Blueberries boost memory
*Blueberries are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber.


*The color of blueberries, from deep blue to purple, is caused by a group of flavonoids called anthocyanins, which have remarkable antioxidant power.


*Blueberries support heart health


*Prevents urinary tract infections (UTIs)


* And so much more!


For more info on the benefits of blueberries go to: http://wildblueberries.com/health/research.php



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