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Organic, raw & nuts: Is a raw food diet right for you?

Organic, raw & nuts: Is a raw food diet right for you?

Ms.Pitman, Canadian raw food chef, found she could eat very little processed food very early in life. She states “when I was little, less than two years old, I fell sick quite frequently,” Almost every day, I had stomach pain and problem with my digestion. My mom began to see the connection between what I ate and how I felt. Meat made me ill immediately; consuming eggs and dairy caused me hours of pain. After lots of tests, doctors discovered that I can’t digest animal protein.”
She was asked to take medication every day, for the rest of her life, when the doctors discovered that young Pitman could not digest most foods, but she opted to change her diet instead. The results were immediate and significant. “I was suddenly feeling healthy and the pain disappeared,” she says.
And as she grew older, she learned more about the connection between diet and health and changed her eating habits.

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