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Raw, Organic & Nuts: Will all tree nuts be pasteurized in the near future

Raw, Organic & Nuts: Will all tree nuts be pasteurized in the near future

The FDA just finished collecting public opinion on the possibility of pasteurizing all tree nuts. Currently all U.S. grown almonds are pasteurized. This rule was passed and has stayed intact, despite public outcry. Now it seems likely that the FDA will push forth it’s agenda on pasteurizing  all tree nuts. The reason – according to the FDA

“… outbreaks, published reports of Salmonella in tree nuts destined for human consumption, and recalls emphasize the need to assess the risk of salmonellosis associated with tree nuts intended for human consumption, and to evaluate the appropriate risk-based preventive controls needed to reduce the risk of human salmonellosis….

According to Cornucopia ” The FDA has also been unwilling to look at issues of scale.  In the case of mandatory almond pasteurization the only trace-back of a salmonella outbreak implicated Paramount Farms, the nation’s largest almond and pistachio producer.  In order to bring massive operations into compliance regulators are willing to promulgate “one-size-fits-all” rulemaking that create onerous requirements and costs damaging family-scale producers.

Many foods in the marketplace had at one time or another been contaminated with salmonella. For example, contaminated mangoes and tomatoes each resulted in salmonella outbreaks in 1990, cantaloupes in 1991, and sprouts in 1996. Even lettuce had been contaminated at one time.

So-do we pasteurize all foods that may or have been contaminated? of course not! Lets look at the bigger picture of large scale operations and make sure growers are in compliance with sanitation rules.

At the very least, people should have a choice if they wish to purchase non pasteurized nuts and other foods!


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