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Raw, Organic & Nuts: Try raw food for chronic pain

Raw, Organic & Nuts: Try raw food for chronic pain

The article from the Suntimes states that Linda Hodges, from  the Chicago area had debilitating sciatica. She ended up going to a live-in health institute that specialized in raw living foods.

What was going to be a 2 week stay, turned into 4 weeks and Linda, went from barely being able to get out of bed – to walking 4 miles each day. Granted, she lost weight and this was a factor in eliminating pain from the sciatica, however, what she lost in weight, she gained in a profound lifestyle change, that not only benefitted herself, and her family but also as a result of this discovery she now conducts classes in raw living foods.

She also explains the challenges she had and the adaptations she has made to include her spouse and children in her new diet plan.

Oh, did I mention – she has 10 children!!!

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