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Raw, Organic and Nuts: How to store nuts

Raw, Organic and Nuts: How to store nuts

We get a lot of questions everyday about different topics relating to nuts.

The most frequent question is about storage of nuts.

It seems when people order 5 lbs of Almonds or Walnuts and it arrives they say, where is the best place to put these.

Most foods do not really like warm and humid conditions and nuts and seeds are no exception.

For the most part, produce and definitely nuts and seeds, like cool and dry conditions and it is good to keep them in thick plastic bags or Tupperware containers. Keeping any food away from bright light, like the sun is also essential.

If there is room in a refrigerator to store nuts for a longer duration of time then that is the best choice (as most nuts will last several months to up to 1 year in the refrigerator. It is not necessary to refrigerate though, especially if you have smaller quantities, and they are stored away from bright light and in a dry, cool area. If not stored in these ideal conditions, then count on about a month or longer.

We have had people ask us if it’s okay to store nuts in their freezers and we do not recommend that. We feel it is just to cold for nuts and could change their biological process and possibly prevent them from sprouting. In addition vitamin E may be compromised.

We keep all of our bulk supply in a cool climate controlled room. Moisture is not a friend of nuts and seeds unless you intend to germinate and sprout them.

Almonds are a little different from other tree nuts in that they are more like a seed, a self-contained unit that will sprout even when it is shelled.

Other tree nuts like Pecans and Walnuts do not sprout after the kernel is removed from the shell.

If you sprout and do not dehydrate them right after then it is wise to place the moist product in the refrigerator or it will spoil really quickly.

Even in the fridge, sprouted nuts  will usually only last for a few days before it starts to ferment, so eat it quickly so you can get all the benefits.


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