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Part 3: How Living Nutz Sprouted into Business

  With our exuberant enthusiasm about our new raw food lifestyle and our eco-conscious business skills that we learned from creating and running the Intellihemp business, we were ready to start a new company that sold some type of Raw Food staples or snacks. What we first did was brainstorm about what type of product would be of most value to the people using them. We considered raw fruit roll-ups and other snack related items but at the end of

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How Living Nutz Sprouted into Business: Part 1

  In the year 2000, my brother Dave and I went to see a lecture about the raw food diet with a guy named David Wolfe.  We were both into organic health foods and we were always looking for ways to better optimize our health. We had heard about this talk through friends who said that they were absolutely blown away by what this guy had to say. Naturally, we were interested in hearing more, so we registered for the

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