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The Truth About Almond Pasteurization Methods

While there are four main methods of pasteurizing almonds, steam processing, high heat treatment (roasting), blanching and highly toxic fumigation treatment with propylene oxide (PPO), two of them are the primary methods that are used most often.. These two are steam processing and PPO fumigation. Steam processing is the method delineated to the organic sector of the almond industry. While this is probably the cleanest method of pasteurizing almonds it is still an option reserved for those who have the

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Almond Pasteurization Update

We at Living Nutz would like to thank the almost 30,000 people who have signed the “Mandatory Pasteurization of Almonds is Wrong Petition”.  Since this petition was created in 2007 a lot has happened (thanks to the Cornucopia Institute) in the progress of winning an appeal against the USDA’s ruling that has made all almonds grown in the USA illegal by implementing extreme forms of pasteurization including methods that revert to high heat, carcinogenic chemical fumigation and steam pasteurization. The

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