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Almond tree- very pretty!

Almond tree- very pretty!

9/27/12 Dear Living Nutz~ This is an update about the almond trees that sprouted from LivingNutz raw almonds in my compost pile in Spring 2011. Ever since the start of this growing season I’ve wanted to send along photos of the two almond trees that I’ve been tending since I found them growing in one of our garden beds last summer. The original almond tree sprout that I first found while sifting compost in May 2011 didn’t do well in […]

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Living Nutz- They’re ALIVE!

Great Story received from one of our customers today- Seeing is believing! Hello LivingNutz folks, I just placed an order which reminded me that I wanted to share these photos with you… A couple of days ago I was sifting compost and saw a funny little plant I didn’t recognize in the compost.  I looked closely and saw it was an almond that had sprouted and grown up a bunch of leaves! I remembered that once last winter when I […]

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