Organic raw sprouted nuts. Sprouted raw Walnuts with chocolate. Healthy truth about nuts!
Sprouted walnuts. Chocolate flavor organic walnuts. Sprouted nuts.
Sprouted walnuts. Chocolate flavor organic walnuts. Sprouted nuts. Living Nutz
Living Nutz

Chocolate Walnut Divine~simply divine! Organic Unpasteurized Sprouted

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The name says it all! Divine* as in heavenly!

Ingredients: (Certified Organic) walnuts, cacao powder, agave*, mesquite powder, vanilla, Himalayan sea salt, coconut butter. 3oz

These raw food nuts are not roasted or baked! They are germinated (sprouted), then marinated and dehydrated slowly at low temps for up to 5 days to maintain optimal nutrition, digestion, and flavor!

*The Agave Nectar comes from controlled Agave fields in the Sonoran desert that exclusively use organic Agave desert succulent plants.
Before harvesting the Agave, the “Jimador” assesses the plant core (called the piná) for ripeness; the poly-fructose content is measured in each one of the agave plants. When optimum levels are reached the piná is harvested. After harvesting, the organic Agave piná is transported to the processing facility and converted into kosher approved Agave Nectar.

When purchasing Living Nutz products that contain Agave Nectar, you can feel confident that your are purchasing the real thing!

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