Organic blueberry snack.
Organic blueberry barque (bark) from Maine
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Blueberry Barque (Bark) chips - from Maine -3oz

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Organic Blueberry Barque  is made of 100% organic wild Maine blueberries, harvested at the peak of summer when the fruit is the sweetest and dried to a crunchy, sweet blueberry treat.

This 3 ounce bag is made of 100% Organic wild Maine blueberries dried to a crunchy, sweet blueberry treat. Organic Blueberry Barque (pronounced bark is equivalent to 6 cups of fresh berries!) WOW!!

 It is a taste of wild Maine blueberries in every bite.  Use it on yogurt, ice cream or mix into your favorite granola.  Add it to summer salads or try adding it to your favorite meat marinade. Can be added to breakfast cereals, pancakes, or sweet breads.

Ingredients: 100% Organic wild Maine blueberries.  To store, keep this dried fruit product air tight and dry. 

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