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Organic Sprouted Cashew Butter

Size: 8 oz.


Features of our Stone Ground Cashew Butter include:

  • Grown in Bali or Africa
  • Sprouted
  • Unpasteurized
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Grown in Bali or Africa
  • Paleo
  • No Added Oils
  • Vegan

There is only one ingredient - Cashews!

Our cashew butter is incredibly rich and creamy. Its delicate flavor lends itself to many dishes both sweet and savory, or spread on a cracker. It can be used as a base for making creamy nut milks or as a wonderful addition to smoothies. The taste is also incredible on vegetables, oatmeal, or anything your heart desires.

Why Sprouted and Dehydrated?

Sprouted nuts and seeds are easier to digest. Sprouting reduces phytic acid, which inhibits the absorption of vital minerals. We dehydrate at low temperatures to preserve the healthy fats (as opposed to roasting, which may alter or damage the healthy fats in the nuts and cause oxidation, which leads to rancidity).

Why Stone Ground?

Rather than ordinary steel grinding, stone grinding releases the nut's natural oil slowly and more uniformly so a smoother and creamier product is achieved, without the need for additional oil! Grinding the almonds at a low temperature preserves their naturally occurring vitamins and enhances the quality and shelf life of the butter. Last but not least, the depth of flavor of our stone ground nut butter is unparalleled!

Ingredients: 100% Raw, Organic, Unpasteurized Sprouted Cashews.

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