Nut Butters

LIVING Nut Stone-ground Nut Butter
You've been asking and we have finally delivered! Living Nutz is proud to say that we are now producing the absolute finest certified organic, raw, low temperature (98degrees), stone-ground, sprouted (in pure Maine well water - not tap water) nut butters in the world! Since 2002 we've been manufacturing the tastiest, most healthy sprouted nut treats in existence and now we're taking it to the next level. Here is how our superior sprouted nut butters compare to commercial brands:
1. Our sprouted, never roasted. Almost all commercial nut butters have not been sprouted and are either raw or roasted. This means that they are still in their dormant state, containing all the biological agents that keep them this way. That means there will be enzyme inhibitors present that are very difficult to digest. Roasting nuts changes the healthy oils into unhealthy oils and will cause a breakdown of their fats and the production of free radicals.
2. Truly Raw: Our nut butters are still raw due to low heat and low friction of our stainless steel, top quality stone-grinder. Even commercial nut butters that claim to be raw have still been sent through large grinding machines that produce lots of friction and subsequent heat that renders them no longer raw. Additionally, since 2007 all almonds grown in the US have been irradiated through heat pasteurization or chemical fumigation - something that Living Nutz tried to prevent (see link below). It is because of this that we have been importing all of our truly raw almonds from Italy and Spain to ensure they remain raw.
3. Ours are sprouted in well water, not tap water. When we first came out in 2002, we were the only company that offered sprouted nuts and seeds. It wasn't long before we had many competitors, but everyone we enquired with all use tap water to sprout their nuts. Sadly, in 2009 the American Society of Civil Engineers has given a D-rating to the US tap water infrastructure and not much has been done about it. Health-conscious individuals are starting to realize that "water is not just water", and that water is known as the universal solvent, absorbing whatever piping system it runs through after it leaves water treatment centers where it is poorly tested if at all. Hopefully, this changes one day, but for now, our food is only as organic as the water it is grown with. This is a big reason why Living Nutz nut butters are purer than most nut nutters on the market, even organic ones.
4. Superior Nutrition: Because our nuts are truly raw, sprouted and not roasted, they remain nutritionally superior when compared to commercial nut butters. Nuts are loaded with powerful nutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fats that are delivered to our bodies through their oils. Many of these nutrients are fat-soluble and their oils are heat-sensitive and can quickly go rancid, making them less bioavailable. You don't have to worry about this with Living Nutz nut butters.
5. Taste & Consistency: Because we believe in minimal commercial processing, are big on natural processing, and because we are passionate about creating the best tasting artisanal snacks on the market, Living Nutz nut butters consistency and taste are unmatched. Our stone grinder ensures that lumpiness and oil separation are virtually non-existent. They can be used in a multitude of ways, with many dishes and in many different recipes.