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How it began...

In 2000, we went to a lecture about the raw food diet. We were into organic health foods and we were always looking for ways to better optimize our health. The lecture was so motivational and inspiring that it literally changed our lives! It really delivered a unique perspective on food and a philosophy of life that resonated deeply with where we were at during this phase of our lives.

With our exuberant enthusiasm about our new raw food lifestyle and our eco-conscious business skills that we learned from creating and running our other company Intellihemp (lip balm made with hemp seed oil) we were ready to start a new company.

The Living Nutz company began in 2002 with a core purpose, to create the best tasting Certified Organic raw food gourmet treats on the planet! Our approach is simple as our intentions were to make an easy to digest organic treat with the most amazing tastes that exist today! We believe in minimally processed and raw foods. That is why we do not roast our nuts. Roasting nuts changes the healthy oils into unhealthy oils and will cause a breakdown of their fats and the production of free radicals.

What we do...

First, we soak (sprout) them for several hours. Why? The main reason is because nuts and seeds contain enzyme inhibitors. The purpose of these enzyme inhibitors is to protect the nut or seed until it has what it needs for growing.

By sprouting and then rinsing nuts and seeds, you release and eliminate these toxic enzyme inhibitors AND increase the life and vitality contained within them, and making them easier to digest.

After we soak the nuts, we marinate them in our different flavors while we gently dehydrate them at low temperatures.

So there you have it. It’s a lengthy process over several days, where roasting would take only 10-15 minutes. Why go through all this? This process helps maintain the integrity and life force of the food product, earning us our company’s name: LIVINGNUTZ!

Living Nutz is proud to be certified by:

USDA Organic Certified Organic by MOFGA

Meet our nutty team!


Davy was born with a deep love for nature and a natural talent for gourmet food preparation. As a father, he is very passionate about his family and works diligently to ensure their healthy future. He is an avid fitness enthusiast and also enjoys practicing, creating, and playing music. Davy devotes many hours to growing food and herbs which he uses to create culinary masterpieces for his family. He has an affinity for animals, especially his three cats and his dog.

Many years ago, Davy made a decision to live in as healthy a way as possible, which led to a passion for personal, societal, and global health. Along with his brother Seth, Davy set out to create a company that reflected their personal values of a healthy world for all. Twenty years later, Living Nutz is stronger than ever, as is Davy and Seth’s shared passion to help foster a healthier world. Davy walks his talk, making both his company and his lifestyle true labors of love. When you support Living Nutz, you are supporting a small family owned business that exemplifies the virtues of a thriving, functional family. Now that’s something you can feel good about!



Seth is a self-published author, loving father, public speaker, performing musician, and co-founder of Living Nutz. Maintaining a healthy diet and learning how to be discerning when making choices are each part of Seth’s inner strategy and one that he helps others develop.

In his free time Seth is a devout meditation and heart & brain coherence practitioner. He leads experiential workshops that help people cultivate the internal resources necessary to develop resiliency and internal strength when faced with adversity. As a result of his vast life experiences, Seth has made a vow to his own inner higher power that he will do all he can to live his life in a way that strives to create global solutions for a better world. Like his brother Davy, he has a deep love of nature and of life!



Jodi has always had a passion for food and began working at a health food store at a young age. She went on to study horticulture in college and to work for Martha Stewart on her TV show and then as Head Gardener on her property. This experience taught Jodi a lot about food, vegetables, and of course gardening!

Jodi works side by side with Davy running Living Nutz. Her kind heart and eye for organization make her an invaluable asset to the company. She constantly has a smile on her face and always strives for perfection. She is also an integral part of the website development and brand updating processes.

Jodi comes from an artistic family and is particularly interested in photography, graphic design, and garden design. She loves snowboarding, biking, and relaxing at the beach. She and Davy have three beautiful daughters.



Holly grew up in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. When she’s not fulfilling daily orders or ordering supplies at Living Nutz, you’ll likely find her hiking, biking, reading, practicing yoga, taking photographs, studying astrology, or appreciating nature. Her greatest joy comes from spending time with family and friends, in particular her granddaughter. Holly says that seeing life through her granddaughter’s eyes is remarkable.

Just like the rest of the Living Nutz team, Holly loves to travel. She has been up and down the eastern coastline as well as to a few countries in the Caribbean. Of all the places she’s visited, Acadia National Park right here in Maine remains her favorite. Holly has a deep love for the beautiful coastline, lakes, mountains, and forests in Maine.

Holly has always been passionate about health and wellbeing, which is reflected in her dedication to consuming local, organic, and gluten-free foods. She never passes up an opportunity to enjoy some Living Nutz Divine Chocolate Walnuts!



After spending most of her life in New England – and 5 years in Maine – Merrill recently moved across the country to California. Always up for an adventure, you can often find her experimenting in the kitchen, walking, kayaking, or, of course, traveling. Merrill loves finding and creating new recipes (which consist primarily of nuts, seeds, nut butter, and chocolate). At Living Nutz, Merrill works behind the scenes creating social media content, working on our website, and copy editing so we can effectively communicate with our amazing customers.

Merrill is passionate about health, health freedom, and forming meaningful connections with both people and nature. While she adores Maine’s gorgeous rocky coastline, her favorite place in the world is Ireland. Her favorite Living Nutz product is our Passionate Pesto Walnuts. She can’t go a day without pesto!



At Living Nutz, Justine is a woman of all trades. Her primary focuses are on making nut butter and processing orders, but she is always willing to fill in wherever needed. In her free time, she enjoys reading (mystery, nonfiction, and everything in between), taking photographs, hiking, and playing piano. She enjoys just about any kind of music.

Justine has spent time in South Africa and loved it, but her favorite place will always be home in Deer Isle, Maine. The way Justine sees it, there is something uniquely magical about the ocean, and particularly the Maine coast. She is very happy to be helping our small, family-owned business that exemplifies the values of hard-working Mainers, and we are so happy to have her!



Veda may be the newest member of our team, but she is already putting in more than her fair share of work as the official Living Nutz mascot! Veda came into the world in September 2021 and we can’t get enough of her cuteness. We shower her with love every day and look forward to seeing her become the future owner of Living Nutz!