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Organic Raw Pecan Halves

Size: 1 lb.

Our Pecans are:

  • Certified organic
  • Raw (unpasteurized)
  • Grown in the USA
  • Nutritional powerhouses!

The nutritional benefits of pecans are seemingly endless! They contain monounsaturated fats such as oleic acid along with phenolic antioxidants, which help reduce the risk of heart disease. They also contain many vitamins and minerals including: manganese, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. You can feel great knowing that you're providing your body with wonderful nutrients with every delicious bite.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I love these nuts!

I love Living Nutz and now I'll only buy nuts from them! Thank you for providing such a high quality product that I can count on!

D. S.
chewy tasty lovely

this won't be a fair review, cause I'm nuts about NUTZ. All of them, not just the luscious pecans. They melt in the mouth - sort of - but they are so tasty, chewy and lovely . I used to get most of my selenium from brazil nuts, but what do you know, Pecans have that and even more. Thanks NUTZ folks

Just like off the tree

These always taste so fresh and kinda sweet. Just like I remember picking of the tree when I was young.

Terrific and fresh

Have been ordering the raw nuts products for a few months now. Just starting to get into sprouted nuts too. I love your products

Love your pecans and walnuts

Just wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoy your products. I must confess to being non vegan and non organic. I was traveling and ventured into a store that was selling your products. Wanting a healthy, non sugary snack for the trip, I purchased a bag of your pecans. I was totally pleased with the freshness and excellent taste of your product. I continued to purchase your products on your website and branched out to the walnuts as well. The packaging keeps the nuts fresh for quite a while as long as they are properly sealed. I look forward to have them each morning with my breakfast cereal and love to add them to baked goods.