RainForest Crunch Nut Brittle (Back in Stock Now)
RainForest Crunch Nut Brittle (Back in Stock Now)
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RainForest Crunch Nut Brittle (Back in Stock Now)

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Our new flavor- Butter Toffee flavored Sprouted Nut Brittle. We've taken an old favorite & made a healthier & heartier version. Back story-
In the late 80’s, Ben & Jerry’s released a flavor of their world famous ice cream called Rainforest Crunch that deeply inspired us by both it’s flavor and it’s mission. The flavor was a sweet and crunchy butter toffee with Brazil nuts and cashews (essentially perfect!), and the mission was to help low income Brazil nut farmers through the purchase of their crop. 
Unfortunately Ben & Jerry’s stopped selling this flavor and the mission halted, but Living Nutz has picked it back up, only to up level-up our flavorful predecessor in both taste and health! 
We start with a certified organic mixture of sprouted Brazil nuts & cashews (germinated in a naturally pristine Maine deep well) along with superfood ingredients like Lucuma, Dates, Cacao Butter, Maple Syrup, Vanilla and Celtic Sea Salt that are mixed in and then dehydrated at low temperature for 5 days! 
The end result is a new version of Rainforest Crunch that is scrumptiously delicious beyond imagination, while at the same time still good for your health and digestion! Plus we are still keeping the mission alive by supporting small Brazil nut farmers in South America.

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