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How to Choose a Nut Butter

How to Choose a Nut Butter

Let’s be real: there are SO MANY nut butters to choose from these days. I remember back in the day when the only nut butter I thought about was peanut butter…ha! Not anymore. It seems like there are enough nut butters to fill at least an entire store aisle.

While having so many options may seem like a great thing, it can certainly get overwhelming. When deciding which nut butter is best for you, there are so many things to consider:

🌱Is it organic?

💚Is it stone ground?

🌱Are the nuts raw and sprouted?

💚Are the nuts pasteurized?

🌱Are there any added oils, sugars, or other flavors?

💚Where are the nuts sourced?

What else do you look for when deciding on a nut butter?

Here at Living Nutz, we are committed to being transparent with our customers. With that in mind, ALL of our nut butters are:


🌱Stone Ground

💚Made with raw sprouted nuts


💚Made without ANY additives

🌱Made with nuts grown by farmers we know and trust

☀️Why Stone Ground?​​​​​​​​

Rather than ordinary steel grinding, stone grinding releases the nuts' natural oil slowly and more uniformly so a smoother and creamier product is achieved, without the need for additional oil! Grinding the nuts at a low temperature preserves their naturally occurring vitamins and enhances the quality and shelf life of the butter. Last but not least, the depth of flavor of our stone ground nut butter is unparalleled!​​​​​​​​