Raw, Organic & Nuts: Almonds for headaches

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Headaches seem to be a common human condition. Some of us get them more frequently and more intensely. We also find relief in different ways. Some hit the meds, and some meditate or find other stress relieving techniques. How many people find relief in foods? So it was with much interest when we found out that almonds contain a natural pain-killing agent called salicin.

Salicin is an anti-inflammatory agent that is produced from the Willow bark. This agent is also contained in over the counter pain killers like aspirin.

In addition, almonds contain high level of magnesium, and this helps to relax muscles and minimize nerve excitability and therefore it also helps to reduce headaches due to stress and anxiety.

Almonds can be eaten in any way, raw or they can be soaked overnight, They can be added to meals or in-between meals. Eat a handful of almonds between meals, approximately 10-12 almonds should be eaten daily for relieving and preventing headaches.

Try It- see if it works for you!

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