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Raw, Organic & Nuts: Are sprouted nuts better for you?

Raw, Organic & Nuts: Are sprouted nuts better for you?

Nuts contain phytic acid, an anti-nutrient present in the bran of nuts and seeds that binds with minerals (especially calcium, iron, copper, zinc and magnesium) and prevents their absorption. Sprouting (soaking)neutralizes some phytic acid, thus improving mineral absorption.

Many people say that sprouted nuts are easier to digest and that the flavor and texture of the nuts improves.

The Benefits of Soaking Nuts and Seeds

*Enzyme inhibitors get neutralized (see below)

*The amount of vitamins your body can absorb increases.

*The nut is less dense so digestion is much easier.

*Phytic acid, which inhibits the absorption of vital minerals, is reduced.

The purpose of these enzyme inhibitors is to protect the nut or seed until it has what it needs for growing.

Nature allowed the inhibitors and toxic substances to be easily removed when the conditions (enough rain and sun) were met.

In nature, when it rains the nut gets enough moisture so it can germinate and produce a plant. The plant then continues to grow with the sunlight.

Thus, by soaking nuts and seeds, you release these toxic enzyme inhibitors AND increase the life and vitality contained within them!