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Raw, Organic & Nuts: Curcumin for health

Raw, Organic & Nuts: Curcumin for health

At Living Nutz, we are always experimenting with different spices and flavors for our flavored nuts.

Not only can certain spices enhance a dish or product, it can add health benefits too.

Curcumin, a compound inside turmeric may act in bowel, breast, pancreatic and liver tissue, whereas vitamin E and thiamine are especially useful in damaged livers. A low intake of zinc is related to increased breast cancer risk.

It will not treat vitamin and mineral deficiencies however, or provide high doses of curcumin, pomegranate, or green tea, so called ‘nutraceuticals’, unless you make a conscious effort to include these in large amounts every day. People can therefore … EXCLUSIVE: Oncology dietitian reveals the foods YOU can eat to prevent cancer