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Raw, Organic & Nuts: Nuts help in fighting cancer

Raw, Organic & Nuts: Nuts help in fighting cancer

We have always heard that nuts play a healthy role in one’s diet. Each nut has their own distinctive nutritional profile.

“The medical industry is losing the cancer battle. Arm yourself with cancer-fighting nuts. Despite a decades-long, multi-billion dollar war on cancer, the global burden of this deadly disease is expected to rise 50% in just the next five years.[i] A handful of nuts a day could help protect you. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota took note of science finding that nuts are heart healthy. They asked whether nuts could also protect against cancer. They conducted a meta-analysis of 36 observational studies including 30,708 patients on the disease-preventive powers of nut consumption.”

Eat More Nuts to Lower Cancer Risks | GreenMedInfo | Blog Entry

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