Raw, Organic & Nuts: Pumpkin seeds for healthy snack

Who knew so much goodness could be packed into this small gem of a seed. We encourage people to go organic when you can. Have you tried sprouted pumpkin seeds? If not- you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the taste and crunchiness.

Pumpkin seeds nutrition and pumpkin seeds health benefits are quite impressive, and eating them more often can lead to a range of health-enhancing effects. This humble little seed is packed with disease-fighting vitamins, minerals and compounds that make it a veritable superfood.

Pumpkin seeds include essential fatty acids as well as the health-enhancing compound tryptophan. They are also a potent natural source for the essential nutrients like, manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and zinc. 5 reasons to snack on pumpkin seeds | NaturalHealth365

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