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Sprouting nuts and seeds--it's what we do at Living Nutz

Sprouting nuts and seeds--it's what we do at Living Nutz

      We live in a world of unnaturally processed consumables; food, water, air, etc., and the effects that this is having on our personal health, as well as the health of the planet are becoming obvious. It is creating rampant disease, or dis-ease in our personal health, and that of the planet.

     This is an important concept to understand because when we take personal responsibility for limiting the amounts of unnaturally processed food and water into our body, and eat foods that are closer to a ‘natural’ state, we can begin to reverse the damaging effects of our modern lifestyles, while encouraging a healing response in our bodies.

     A major reason why transitioning to a diet of naturally processed foods will help us regain health is because such foods have their original ‘life-force’ intact, and this ‘energy’ assists in supporting all the complex functions of our bodies.
Sprouting nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, etc., is a way that someone can ‘naturally process’ their foods in a way that will further unlock their healing potential. When you eat a raw almond or a raw walnut, it can be very difficult to digest in its raw state because it is in a state of natural dormancy.

     There are tannins, toxins, phytic acid and other enzyme inhibitors present in the nut that nature has placed there to keep the nut in a dormant state until the spring rains, and moisture of the ground ‘activate’ the nut and give it an opportunity to grow after winter is over and spring time has begun.
By ‘sprouting’ or soaking a certified organic nut, we are replicating this very same process that would occur if the nut was in the wild. By soaking it in natural water (we soak our nuts and seeds in naturally alkaline deep well water) that is thoroughly tested for contaminants. Don't ever use tap water, or else the nuts will absorb the toxins and trace contaminants present in tap water!. The enzyme inhibitors that keep the nut in a dormant state dissolve, and a transformation process takes place, whereby the nut suddenly ‘comes to life’ through the sprouting process.

     As the enzyme inhibitors dissolve, the phytic acid, tannins and other nutritional blockers also dissolve with it - allowing the nuts nutritional components to become more bioavailable for our bodies to assimilate and benefit from.
This is why a  sprouted almond  or a sprouted walnut or a sprouted cashew tastes and feels so much better to our palate and our digestive tract than an un-sprouted or un-activated nut!

    At Living Nutz after soaking the nut for a number of hours, we dehydrate at a very low temperature for several days. The end result of this is the best tasting, lightest, most crunchy, most healthy snack that you can purchase anywhere in North America!